Syrups & Squashes

Looking for a refreshing drink? Bored of the same old colas? The Everest range of squashes and syrups are just what you need to feel refreshed and revitalized. Processed from fresh and sun ripened fruits our squashes and flavoured syrups are just the right thirst quenchers for you, your family and your guests! We bring to you a delicious range of energizing flavors that promise to liven up your day.

Available in
Rooh e Tasqeen Syrup
Gulab Syrup
Milk Rose Syrup
Khus Syrup
Anar syrup
Sandal Syrup
Kala Khatta Syrup
Jeera Syrup
12 x 750ml
Available in
Orange Squash
Lemon Squash
Mango Squash
Pineapple Squash
Litchi Squash
Mango Panna Squash
12 x 750ml